Relationships and Love

One of Granot Center’s fields of activities is promoting couple relationships, with the perception that a relationship and love between a couple are the key to promoting communication in society at large, and they directly affect the behavior of a person in his or her environment.


We believe that human beings are creatures of couple relationships by nature, and at the center of every person’s aspiration is the will to find and maintain a couple’s relationship which is the key to personal development, which is a mirror to the development of society at large.

Helping relationships and love in the Granot Center unit is done by operating, promoting and distributing couple workshops, intended for any person searching for the right relationship for them. We receive help from couple therapists, who have also been trained by the therapists training unit in Granot Center. These therapists build, create and develop couple workshops for groups or privately, help create written or video guides for finding and maintaining personal couple relationships.

Granot Center’s couple relationships and love unit deals with the field of love and understanding the needs of every person in a personal and individual way, while respecting and ensuring the privacy of that person. Granot Center’s assistance in the fields of relationships and love has already helped many people find and maintain the right relationship for them, and with the great experience gained here in the center we now manage to help many people find relationships, and other couples overcome difficulties in the relationship, something that many couples experience.

The written or video relationship guides created by the center are based on great experience accumulated over many years, with the knowledge and experience of professionals and therapists in the field of relationships. The center’s activity in the fields of relationships and love includes training couple therapists, who are trained in the therapists training unit. The therapists who have been trained in the center provide support and assistance in the fields of relationships,
they are responsible for creating, promoting and distributing the workshops and creating the guides as well as distributing them.

This field of relationships and love is integrated as part of Granot Center’s activities, and is also part of the activities of the other units in the center. The coordination between the different units, and the entire activity of the unit responsible for relationships and love in the center, is intended to promote the organization’s vision of advancing the society in Israel at large.

The couple therapists who have been trained in the center provide help and support in the fields of couple relationships and love. They are responsible for creating, promoting and distributing the workshops dealing with the topic