Relationships and Communication

A main part of the vision we are trying to realize in Granot Center is improving the relationships and communication between civilians in Israel. According to our perception, one of the central issues in the Israeli society today is the social discourse, which is accompanied by patterns of a dividing, violent communication that includes lack of attention to the other. These communication patterns exist in every aspect of society, between different population groups and sometimes inside a certain social group. Social communication and its issues in Israel affect many different aspects of society, permeating youth as well and affect the general atmosphere created in local surroundings, in community and eventually entire society.

יחסים ותקשורת

One of our important goals in Granot Center is to acting to change the patterns of social discourse. This change may occur already by a productive dialogue between two people in the community from different backgrounds, positions, and populations groups. Their successful dialogue may expand into many more groups of civilians, to different communities and affect society as a whole.

The Relationships and Communications Unit in Granot Center is responsible for workshops, seminars, publishing articles in magazines and distributing information in subjects relating communication and social relations, improving the social discourse, advices and general guidelines with which you can gradually develop a more attentive, containing, tolerant discourse and mainly more open to the other. Accepting different opinions, ideas and perceptions of the other and
accepting the possibility for communication in spite of ideological gaps, is the key to the communicational change we are trying to promote in Israeli society.

Part of the responsibilities of The Relationships and Communications Unit is to publish regularly during the year various articles, stories and opinion columns that are based on the idea of a social discourse that is sharing, understanding, tolerant and accepting the other. The information created and published by the unit deals with the most central and topical subjects in Israeli society, starting with difference of opinions about religion and state, through economic gaps, inequality and discrimination existing between different sectors of society, to educational fields, teaching and different kinds of communication. Journalists, educators and therapists who focus on improving the quality of the discourse, the relations and communication in society work within the framework of the unit. The unit’s goals are to promote the quality of communication and relations between civilians in the entire Israeli society.

The Relationships and Communications Unit's goals are changing the violent social discourse and promoting the quality of communication and relationships between citizens in the entire Israeli Society