Social Responsibility

Granot Center’s vision is to promote a healthier and more tolerant society in Israel. The center’s vision includes practical methods and ways to promote social responsibility and important social processes such as listening and empathy between different parts of society, bridging social gaps and conflicts, encouraging non-violent communication and finding new and original paths for cooperation, social initiatives and community activities.

אחריות חברתית

In order to promote and develop the vision, the social responsibility unit was established in Granot Center, the role of which is to initiate and promote activities of all citizens in the community for spreading the center’s vision and promoting a better society in Israel. Social responsibility unit encourages and gives certificates of appreciation and responsibility badges for centers, associations, organizations or private people who take part in the activity of Granot Center, help, support, initiate and give from themselves in order to promote the society in Israel.

As part of the unit’s activity we initiate and organize competitions, activities and social sports days for children and youths in many places in the country, in the framework of which we gave presents, prizes and other incentives for institutes which organize activities that go hand in hand with the vision of the center. Social change in Israel, the heart of Granot Center’s activity, is empowered by private citizens, organizations or companies that incorporate social activity as an integral part of their activity, and in order to support and encourage this activity we give the certificate of appreciation and the social responsibility badges for institutes or private people deserving of it.

The aspiration to initiate and to hold competitions and activity days among teenagers and in their framework give the presents the center chooses to give is intended to combine the social activity of youths with the social activity of all shades and components of the society. The social activists who empower the social change in Israel are the leading factors for a righteous, better and healthier society, and we at Granot Center try to encourage and promote all social initiatives to improve the society.

The combination between social activity of institutes and organizations in Israel which even if they deal with business activity manage to find the resources and place the social aspect in the top of their priorities list, and between the activity of youths from different population groups in Israel, is what we believes defines the concept of social responsibility.

The social activists who empower the social change in Israel are the leading factors for a righteous society