Special Cases

Granot Center started out with great aspiration to create a better atmosphere in our society and to improve the national mood. And indeed, our work spreads across a broad range of activities encouraging communication which brings people closer together. We did not know the importance our activity for cases of great distress will receive, until calls for help began flooding in.

מקרים מיוחדים

The great demand for financial assistance for different types of distresses created a growing response with us as well, and we decided to establish a special unit that would deal with these cases. Since the special cases unit took upon itself the mission of helping those in need, we direct a large part of our resources to the unit, in terms of money, time and good will, in order to help wherever possible.

With time we became the address for many families who have found themselves in great distress, and for which regular frameworks did not find a solution for. And more than once we felt we were the end of the road for children, families and individuals approaching total despair.

We help families in which both partners have lost their jobs, and having no means of paying their mortgage are nearing evacuation from their apartment. We help them find jobs, and if necessary we help finance their daily living.

We also offer financial assistance to single parent mothers who do not receive alimony and cannot provide for themselves and for the child they brought into this world. We financially help ill-fated families raising children with special needs, or helpless families which have a disabled parent who cannot provide for the family’s needs.

Sometimes, the head of the family, who works as a freelancer, is hurt in an accident and suddenly finds himself or herself helpless and without a source of livelihood. And there are quite a few cases of divorce in which the husband disappears and leaves his wife to fend for the children by herself.

In any such case we arrange a quick, efficient and immediate solution. Our workers and volunteers are very sensitive regarding confidentiality and do everything they can not to add embarrassment for those who approach us, due to the situation they have found themselves in. and there are no words to describe the satisfaction we receive when the family finds a way to live with dignity, assisted by our help.

We couldn’t do all this without all the devoted workers of the center and the motivated volunteers who turn to you, offering to take part in this enterprise. And of course we couldn’t do it without you: without your reaching hands, your open hearts and your generosity.

For every special case we appoint people responsible for finding a quick and appropriate solution, and take the person out of the difficult financial situation they have found themselves in, while maintaining full confidentiality.