Anyone Could Use Some Humility

There are about eight billion people walking on the face of the earth at this point in time, trying to get approval from one another for being more worthy. Of course, no one gets that approval, because nobody thinks someone else is more worthy than himself. And since assuring we get priority by making ourselves bigger is a blocked option, we are only left with the possibility of keeping the advantage by making other people smaller.

Humility does not mention other people’s faults
Humility does not gloat when someone fails
humility does not judge anyone.

For that we have a variety of means: we try to control one another, hurt each other, judge and criticize each other, disqualify each other’s opinions and try to prove that we are right and that the other side is wrong.

Anyone Could Use Some Humility

And in the meantime, we completely lack the main thing that takes to make our relationship beautiful: humility. Most of us probably don’t even know what humility looks like, that is why we can easily confuse between humility and giving way. Yet, humble people are not giving up on their self dignity. Humble people give up other things: the sense of superiority, pretension and arrogance, the need to demonstrate priority and the urge of always being right.

How Many People Truly Care About Us?

Humility doesn’t like pointing out other people’s shortcomings r wave their sin list and it does not relish the failure of another nor gloat when someone loses. Humility is glad for the success of the other, and is always willing to help others succeed as well. Humility does not judge anyone and doesn’t know better what someone else should do, and it always mentions others’ achievements with appreciation.

And if you still feel deep in your hearts that you are better than other people, ask yourselves these cynical questions: how many people thing you are important and meaningful? How many people in the world know you? How many people in this country know you? How many people in your city know you?

Every second a person in the world dies and another is born. And except for a handful of relatives and acquaintances nobody cares, not about the passing of the one nor the arrival of the other. That is exactly your fate and mine. When our day comes, twenty people maximum will cry over us, and continue with their lives the next day. The world will keep on turning, the seasons will regularly change, parents will still demand their children to brush their teeth, production workers will still be poor, drivers will keep on cursing each other. Nothing will change, as if our quick visit on earth did not leave any trace. Do these reminders make you feel a little humbler?

The Sun Shines on Everybody

Our existence here is temporary and passing. The world existed before we were born and will continue to exist after we are gone. Each of us depend on the rest of the human creatures living around us, and no one has an exclusive existence without others. We are all connected to the same sources of sustenance: the oxygen emitted from the trees, the food the earth grows, the energy the sun projects, which none of us can’t live without. We all live by the laws of nature, and no one can make his own life laws.

The sun rises and sets, the wheat in the field turns gold; the rain accumulates in the clouds and saturates the land, and all that occurs without any intervention or effect on our behalf. Isn’t that enough to give us proportion of humility toward our true measure?

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