What Are Your Children Getting from You

Do your children go towards life ready for the challenges that are waiting for them? Are they prepared for the relationships expecting them? Are they learning how to become humans and partners and parents at home? Do they leave the house prepared to become good citizens?

Treat your children like growing humans; give them wings to become independent and roots to become responsible and never let them know they burden you.

They are not born with their own personality. They only bring a potential of personality. And in order to process that potential to become characteristics, tendencies and skills, they need you to give them an example. So don’t disrespect anything you do and anything you say, because you can’t tell where your children will take it to.

What Are Your Children Getting from You

Taking care of your child’s healthy nutrition is not enough. Their mental health is just as important. Think about it when you fight in front of them, because these are the moments when you teach them hatred instead of love, violence instead of dialogue and war instead of peace.

Treat your children as human beings, no matter how short they are, and don’t do anything to them you wouldn’t allow yourselves to do to much taller people.

Give your children a gift – wings of independence, but also roots of responsibility, so they can use their independence to create joy and love in their lives.

Teach your children not to get stuck on what’s wrong, and encourage them to focus on what you have to do to and move on.

Teach them to change what can be changed, to accept what they can’t change and step away from what they can’t have.

When you admit you are wrong, you do not teach your children weakness, but strength, and you show them that justice is for court, and relationships are created at home.

Never show them you are tired because of them, that you don’t have energy to be with them, that they bother you and that there’s any moment when you are not happy to have them.

Teach them that there’s a result for anything they do, and show them that they are not being punished because of what they did, but by what they did.

Teach them the two most important choices in life: accepting conditions as they are or take responsibility and change them.

Teach them that unhappy people are living in the past, and happy people learn from the past and enjoy acting in the present toward the future.

But first of all, teach yourselves there are no bad children, only children who feel bad.

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